GUI's and CVS

Bruce Fitzsimons Bruce@REDACTED
Sat Dec 11 13:07:30 CET 1999

Wow, that was a quick response...

Thanks very much for spending some time on that Klacke, it is really
appreciated. I'll try and build it under Windows later...I've never done
that before.

> Personally I'm writing an interface to gtk+ instead :-)
I had a look at gtk last night (on, it doesn't seem too
radically different from Tk, but the packing algorithm seems easier to work
with :-) Is there is any big differences?

The Tk packer seemed simple until I wanted to do something and then nothing
went quite where I thought it should. VTcl was a godsend.

> Somebody ought write an essay on the gui programming
> interfaces we've had over the years.  Uhhhh.
Well its an issue for Erlang...not least that all the existing code in one
gui interface is useless if you use the next one. It sabotages the Open
Source potential of building useful GUI libraries that extend the standard
functionality, because of the constant wheel re-invention.

While off the topic, I'd like to ask if anyone wants a CVS server for these
things. I'd like to publish my file selection widget (Etk) for feedback but
it is a work-in-progress and certainly not multi-platform yet or even usable

I know about the contrib's page it doesn't seem appropriate or a scalable
solution. Also, I've already enhanced one or two of those contribs (well I
think they are enhanced...the authors may disagree) but there really isn't a
good way to make them available to everyone (I've made some changes to the
SMTP parts of epop and I'm working on filesystem).

Thoughts anyone?


PS My opinion of GS mirrors yours...except my viewpoint is more usability.
Etk is so much easier to use and encapsulate. Still I guess GS was there
before Funs, which would explain its bias towards messages instead of

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