etk is broken in R6B-0 under Windows

Bruce Fitzsimons Bruce@REDACTED
Mon Dec 6 16:00:27 CET 1999


Just to summarise, after my slightly hasty posting last week, and after
Vance and I tried a few things.

1. When running any of the ETk sample programs, the program runs but the
windows never appear. Task Manager = wish42.exe (tk) is there, etk.exe is
there, sometimes inet_gethost.exe is there.

2. inet_gethost.exe appears to be a C based server for gethostbyname and
gethostbyaddr services. I'm not sure why it only runs sometimes, on some
machines. Maybe the DNS setup (or lack of it). (this isn't a problem, just
an observation)

3. Vance noted that some ETk files are not being compiled by the install
(tkrender, tkstr)

4. Those files are also not supplied in the windows install version

5. Installing those files, including the .beam's in the correct places
doesn't fix the lockups/infinite wait.

I've tested with 3 machines (not including Vance's), including one clean NT4
SP6a system that has nothing else installed on it. All have the same

I'm not sure how to trace this problem. Any assistance or fixes gratefully
received, I just want to get my widgets working under R6B.


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