tkwait command in etk

Bruce Fitzsimons Bruce@REDACTED
Fri Dec 3 21:08:46 CET 1999

> I'm just about done converting a tcl/tk application into etk-0.9, but
> I'm stymied by one instruction:
> 	tkwait visibility $win
Hi Tony,

According to the manual, this command waits (forever) for the window to
become fully visible. I don't like it much, its just sugaring the
events...the nicer command is binding (bind command) to the window, on the
visibility event. This event is supported under tk4.2 so it should work with

Using that command you can execute a fun whenever the visibility changes(I
guess, my manuals not clear), so you could bind, go into a receive loop,
then unbind.

How does that sound?


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