Garbage collection

Vlad Dumitrescu vlad.dumitrescu@REDACTED
Fri Aug 27 14:55:18 CEST 1999

Thanks Ulf!

I am not yet commited into seriously undertaking this project, but any help
is welcomed!

What I had in mind was using the kind of GC that ISE Eiffel is using. Of course,
their details are not published, but the GC is a more or less a background process
that tries to collect incrementally whenever it has the opportunity. If the
user can adjust the sensibility of the GC, in order to tune it with the needs
of the particular application, then it might be a good solution even for Erlang.

I think that there are many things to be done to adapt a GC algorithm to the
specifics of Erlang. Some might need some help from the compiler (for example,
tagging pure functional calls for optimizing local variable collection). 

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