C <-> Erlang with IC

Dan Gudmundsson dgud@REDACTED
Fri Aug 20 15:49:42 CEST 1999

Something like this should be doable I guess.

Define in IDL:
#include <erlang.idl>

module dynamic
 interface dyn_erl
    Status erlApply(in string module, 
               in string function, 
               in erlang::term listOfArgs,
               in out erlang::term res);

And in the erlang callback module: 

erl_apply(State, Mod, Fun, Args) ->
   case catch apply(list_to_atom(Mod), 
                    list_to_atom(Fun), Args) of
        {'EXIT', R} -> 
	    {reply, {error, []}, State}};
	Result -> 
	    {reply, {ok, Result}, State}}

In 'C' the call would look something like 

   ETERM * result, empty;
   empty  = erl_mk_empty_list();
   status = dynamic_erlApply(NULL, "erlang", "date", empty, &result, env);

See the erl_interface doc about handling erlang data types in C.


Mark NG writes:
 > On Fri, Aug 20, 1999 at 12:12:29AM +1000, Torbjorn Tornkvist wrote:
 > > 
 > > Sorry, I know I shouldn't promote IG (since it is obsolete) but
 > I have played with it a bit, and like it more than IC for some
 > tasks. :)
 > > I can't help myself. Actually I would also be interested in how
 > > you would do it with IC. Anyway, here is how you do it with IG:
 > > 
 > <example snipped>
 > Thanks for the example, but I am really after is something like
 > where I can pass a lambda to a C function and get that C function
 > to invoke this piece of Erlang code. 
 > The IC manual has examples on how to call "static" Erlang functions 
 > from C, but not dynamic ones.
 > mark

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