Mnesia broken?

Hakan Mattsson <>
Wed Apr 28 09:24:49 CEST 1999

On Mon, 26 Apr 1999, Joakim Grebenö wrote:

jocke>Mnesia(): ** ERROR ** (ignoring core) ** FATAL ** mnesia_monitor crashed: {badarg,
jocke>                                                                                    {ets,
jocke>                                                                                        lookup,
jocke>                                                                                        [disk_log_names,
jocke>                                                                                         latest_log]}} state: {state,
jocke>                                                                                                                  <0.59.0>,
jocke>                                                                                                                  [],

This is caused by a bug in disk_log.
But Mnesia 3.7.1 circumvents the bug, so it works in OTP R5.

When Mnesia 3.7.1 is released as Open Source it will work there too,


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