Mnesia question

Mickael Remond mikl@REDACTED
Sun Apr 25 14:46:24 CEST 1999


I have got a question about an error in my mnesia queries.

When I try to make a joint query on two tables I get this error message

=ERROR REPORT==== 25-Apr-1999::14:38:23 ===
!!! Error in process <0.188.0> on node 'master@REDACTED' with exit value:
** exited: nocatch **

The code I am using for this query is :
task(User) ->
   Q = query 
         [ T ||
               T <- table(tasks), 
               U <- table(users),
      = User,
               T.user_id = ]
   F = fun() -> mnemosyne:eval(Q) end,

The data is the database seems correct. When I make a simple query, the
function is working, but I did not manage to make this two tables query
to work.
Do you have any clue on what I am doing wrong ?

Thank you in advance.

Mickael Remond

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