Erlang on BeOS?

Pekka.Hedqvist@REDACTED Pekka.Hedqvist@REDACTED
Tue Apr 20 02:11:53 CEST 1999

BeOS is nice but that Erlang prototype is not in any state to be
ported.  It was a prototype and needs a lot of work on it and most
probably a redesign too. A port would definitely start with the
current open source Erlang.  It would not run Erlang processes on BeOS
threads but thats a minor thing since no other available Erlang
implementation does that today anyway.

An Erlang on system-threads port would probably start with the current
runtime since it has evolved since then, one would pick good ideas
from my report and maybe some code snippets from the old prototype 
(if it were available) and start over again.

patrickdlogan@REDACTED writes:
 > Has anyone considered the issues in a prt of Erlang to the BeOS? It is
 > a POSIX OS, which may help the port. But moreover it is supposedly
 > designed to be highly multi-threaded. Perhaps its design would be a
 > good target for the prototype described in Pekka Hedqvist's Master's
 > Thesis?
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