Problem getting started with Orber

Lars Thorsen lars@REDACTED
Fri Apr 16 13:50:12 CEST 1999

Hi Luke,
i think the problem is that the Orber application isn't running.

You must first install Orber, the most simple installation is to run
Orber just in one Erlang node. 

That installation is done as follows.

First create a mnesia database schema:


Then install orber (creates some tables in the database):


Then every time you start your erlang node, you have to start Orber
prior to
the applications that use it:


This badarg message you get comes from the gen_server module when the
called process doesn't respond (it could be better i agree). The process
in this case is the request number server 
which just gives a unique number for the outgoing IIOP requests. This
explains that all your
outgoing IIOP calls failed.

Regards Lars Thorsen

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