erlang crashes

Freddie Kruegger kruegger@REDACTED
Tue Apr 13 13:16:10 CEST 1999


now erlang is running on Data General AViiON 2600 Unixware 2.1.3.
there was something wrong with installation. *.jam files were not installed 
properly. it's strange...
Anyway, with slight modification on Makefile and sys.c, it seems working all 
While compiling, Makefile does not recognize /usr/ucblib and /usr/ucbinclude 
directory... so i added to it.
In Unixware 2.1.3, we have to use fp.h instead of floatingpoint.h, which was 
included by sys.c file.

By the way, when asn.1 compiler will support REAL type?

Now i am compiling rest of libraries...

i want to say thanks who helped me....

>Yes, this means that erlang cannot load one of the .jam files it needs
>to get things going.
>You can tell from the crash dump that the modules 'init' and
>'erl_prim_loader' have been loaded, so I guess 'erlang' is next. You can
>see how erlang loads the modules in the start script. From the crash
>dump, I can't tell which one you're using, but this early in the start
>phase there shouldn't be much difference.
>The start scripts can be found under $ERL_ROOT/releases/<Vsn>/.
>You're probably using start_clean or start. You'll find two files of
>each - e.g. start.script and start.boot. The .script file is in parsable
>ASCII format, and starts something like this:
>        [{preLoaded,[init,erl_prim_loader]},
>         {progress,preloaded},
>         {primLoad,[erlang,error_handler]},
>         {kernel_load_completed},
>         {progress,kernel_load_completed},
>As an aside, the .script and .boot files are basically generated like:
>   Script = make_script(...),
>   {ok,Fd} = file:open("start.script", [write]),
>   io:format(Fd, "%% script generated at ~p ~p~n~p.~n", [Script]),
>   file:close(Fd),
>   file:write_file("start.boot", term_to_binary(Script)).
>If you want to see in more detail what's happening during the boot
>phase, you can start erlang with the -init_debug flag.

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