slirp and erlang nodes

Mark NG markn@REDACTED
Sun Dec 20 06:21:53 CET 1998

G'day !

I have a small client/server program written in Erlang (so that there is no
need for sockets).  But I can't get the server and the client program to
recognise each other when they're run over slirp.  ie: the server is on the
slirp host, and the client is on the other end of the modem.

Using slirp to redirect port 4369 so that the two Erlang nodes share the same
port mapper daemon.  epmd -names reports their presence, but when I tried to
ping one from the other it only pangs, instead of pong. :-(...

I tried starting erl with both -name and -sname to no success.  Both sides
are running 4.7.3, the host OS is SunOS 5.5.1, and the client side is
Debian GNU/Linux 2.0.

Any suggestion that doesn't requires the using of sockets (or C) will be
greatly appreciated. :)  I don't hate sockets, but just want to avoid it...

Thanks in advance,

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