Newbie compilation question

Mark NG markn@REDACTED
Thu Dec 17 11:50:58 CET 1998

Hallo !

When I was writing a program I wrote "list:append/2" in my code instead of
the correct one - "lists:append/2".  The compiler fail to notify me of that
and when I ran it by spawning a process  it just dies out quitely...

I had to use the Process Manager's tracing facility to find out that it
is due to a missing 's' in the function call !

So, my questions is 
1) How can I make the compiler (I am using c:c/1) notify me of undefined 
   symbols ?

2) How can I get the error messages of a spawn proces to appear on the shell ?

I am using Open Source Erlang 4.7.3 (a great language and system ;-).

any help would be appreciated,
thanks !

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