Porting to IRIX

Shawn Pearce pearcs@REDACTED
Thu Dec 10 19:06:19 CET 1998

"Ben 'The Con Man' Kahn" <xkahn@REDACTED> wrote:
>      I seem to suddenly need erlang on IRIX and Linux.  Everything
> works fine on Linux, of course.  But now I'm porting erlang to IRIX 6.5.
> (64 bit)  I will post all my changes back to this list for people to use.
> For the moment however, I'm not changing things in a cross-platform
> manner.  I'm simply making changes so things work.  (Hack and slash
> method.)  When I get a little better at autoconf I'll make fixes the
> correct way.
>      1) gcc doesn't work on IRIX above 5.3.  :^(

gcc will build and create o32 objects which are runnable on all Irix
versions.  gcc 2.8.1 will create n32 objects, which are runnable on 6.2 and up.

>      2) SGI's cc doesn't support any -W options.  I had to remove them.
>      3) SGI's cc doesn't support -fno-inline
>      4) IRIX doesn't seem to support vfork.  (I havn't found it yet.)

Irix doesn't have vfork at all.  See the patch I sent in earlier, Sebastian
said to put it in sys.conf, I actually put those lines in sys.h.

>      5) There are a number of compile problems with standard c 
>         shortcuts which seem not to compile.  I've added casts in
>            a number of places to make things work.

I haven't tried SGI's cc.  Good thing i let it go with gcc first. :-(
>      I've now compiled the package on the SGI.  However, it seg faults
> on startup.  So here is the stack dump.  There seem to be two problems --
> the first is a memory allocation failure.  The second is a seg fault in
> the reporting of that error.  :^)

See the patch i sent in, it'll fix the core dump.

You'll need to apply the other patches I sent for the .erl files in the kernel
in order to get DNS (and thus distributed erlang) running correctly.


(The above are the rantings of a body without a mind.)

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