Erlang Irix port

Sebastian Strollo seb@REDACTED
Thu Dec 10 10:13:32 CET 1998

Shawn Pearce <pearcs@REDACTED> writes:
> Attached are two patches that fix this, they patch inet_parse.erl and
> inet_db.erl.  I'm assuming you guys can handle a new-style context diff. ;-)

Great, thanks! (no problem with the diffs, even unidiffs would be
fine... :)

> BTW, I wonder if Ericsson would setup a CVS server for Erlang.  This way we can
> keep a local copy, and diff against the server a little easier. Plus, as things
> go in that aren't quite "release" ready, but that would be good for developers,
> we can get them on our local copies.

We are considering it, but I don't think it will happen anytime
soon. Internally we are using Clearcase for the moment and it will
probably stay that way for a while. (Of course an overwhelming number
of requests to make a CVS server available might make the change come

> I for one intend on helping out with the TODO list as much as I can -- Right
> after i finish the Erlang book and get myself comfortable in the lang and
> environment.


-- Sebastian

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