[erlang-patches] Fwd: Patch for bug in snmp_test_manager.erl

Andreas Schumacher <>
Tue Apr 15 16:32:12 CEST 2014

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Andreas Schumacher, Erlang/OTP, Ericsson AB

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] *On Behalf Of *Colton Leekley-Winslow
*Sent:* den 11 april 2014 15:09
*Subject:* [erlang-patches] Patch for bug in snmp_test_manager.erl


    Recently I was familiarizing myself with the SNMP functionality of
Erlang and decided to use the snmp_test_manager
(lib/snmp/test/snmp_test_manager.erl) setup as a guide.  During my endeavor
I was unable to start_link an snmp_test_manager due to a badmatch occurring
on line 133.  See traceback here:  http://pastebin.com/1eNYkGTz

This is because on line 133 the snmp_test_manager module is expecting a
tuple of {ok, Pid} from snmpm:start_link/0 .  However, snmpm:start_link/0
will only return the atom ok.  This causes a badmatch.  By editing line 133
of snmp_test_manager.erl to only expect the atom ok, and editing line 136
to not reference the no longer existing Pid variable, I was able to fix the
module.  I also edited line 59 to remove the mgr key from the State record,
as after these changes it was no longer being used.  You can find my public
repository here:


and the branch with the fix is called


Colton Leekley-Winslow

Developer, Telsasoft

(952) 707-8581
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