[erlang-patches] Fix build on systems without syslog.h

Matt Lewandowsky <>
Thu Sep 12 08:45:24 CEST 2013


I have fixed the build for systems which lack syslog.h. I have no way to test the changes on VxWorks, but considering that the change is identical for Windows and VxWorks, I can't foresee any breakage there.

Specifically, the issue is that configure generates a config.h which defines a standard HAVE_SYSLOG_H if syslog.h is available, but the current approach in the source is to look for the absence of a NO_SYSLOG define. As the logic of HAVE_SYSLOG_H is cleaner, and less work than testing configure.in changes on various platforms, I opted for that approach.

Additionally, I noticed that LOG_ERR is used and is obviously undefined if there is no syslog.h. This causes the build to fail on a standard POSIX-like system without syslog.h. As LOG_ERR isn't used in the case of a system without syslog.h, a simple define to NULL corrects the issue.


git fetch git://github.com/lewellyn/otp.git nosyslog




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