[erlang-patches] Print column numbers when compiling

Anthony Ramine <>
Wed Nov 13 13:56:30 CET 2013

See my scan-end-location branch :)

I also have an epp-read-lines branch which allows a tool builder to ask epp to print specific lines of parsed files.

Final objective is Clang-like diagnostics.

Anthony Ramine

Le 13 nov. 2013 à 11:37, Thomas Järvstrand <> a écrit :

> I just tried this patch out yesterday. I would like to ask why, if you're going to all this trouble, do you not also include information about the end of each token as well as the start? From a toolbuilder's perspective it would make this patch immensely more useful. Just a couple of examples would be when building Erlang backends for refactoring tools or context sensitive autocompletion in the editor.

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