[erlang-patches] Add processes state view in observer

Sat May 18 10:58:41 CEST 2013

Le 16/05/2013 10:43, Dan Gudmundsson a écrit :
> Hi Eric 
Hi Dan
> Some formality, can you please redo the branch to one commit or change
> the commit message
> for each commit, describing the changes in each commit.

I did redo from scratch. In fact the commits was only tests
on how git is working, I never used git before, I'm more
comfortable with cvs or subversion :) .
I did not found how to remove a commit in git, no "cvs admin" ? :)
> The coding style must follow what is there previously, 
> i.e. %% for line comments
> and no space before ';' 
You are right, my own coding style...
> Either the page should be created dynamically when the state information
> is available, 
> or a proper error message should be displayed, not a blank page.
> Maybe {"Information", "Not available"}.
Was my first idea. I changed to your proposal and also another message
to be homogeneous.
> Also the io_lib:format("~-20.s ~p~n"... should maybe use ~tp to be able
> to display 
> unicode strings in the state.
Changed. Note that there is other ~p in the original code,
for example in function init_dict_page . this certainly need to be changed ?

So, this time, should be OK, please refetch :

git fetch https://github.com/crownedgrouse/otp.git observer_state_view




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