[erlang-patches] Delete obsolete note about simple-one-for-one supervisor

Magnus Henoch <>
Fri Mar 8 18:24:49 CET 2013

I'm often confused about the behaviour of simple-one-for-one supervisors
at shutdown, and just realised that this is because the documentation
contradicts itself.  Here is a patch that removes one of the conflicting

The paragraph I kept says:

    Because a simple_one_for_one supervisor could have many children, it
    shuts them all down at same time. So, order in which they are
    stopped is not defined. For the same reason, it could have an
    overhead with regards to the Shutdown strategy.

And the one I deleted says:

    Important note on simple-one-for-one supervisors: The dynamically
    created child processes of a simple-one-for-one supervisor are not
    explicitly killed, regardless of shutdown strategy, but are expected
    to terminate when the supervisor does (that is, when an exit signal
    from the parent process is received).

I believe the latter was kept because of an incorrect merge.

git fetch git://github.com/legoscia/otp.git supervisor-doc



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