[erlang-patches] odbcserver crash fix

Sergei Golovan <>
Thu Jun 27 08:13:34 CEST 2013


Appears that odbcserver crashes if it's started with incorrect data on
its stdin. The following command leads to a segmentation fault:

echo -en "\x0\x0\x0\x1\x0" | ./odbcserver

The problem basically is tokenizing input using strtok() and not
checking for NULL after that.

I don't think that it's a very serious bug (odbcserver is executed
only in odbc module and doesn't receive arbitrary input), but it'd be
better to have it fixed.

I'd like to propose a small fix for it:

git fetch git://github.com/sgolovan/otp.git odbcserver_crash_fix

The diff and patch can be seen at


Sergei Golovan

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