[erlang-patches] Allow rb to use any io_device/registered name instead of only filename path

Wed Jun 19 23:23:43 CEST 2013

Le 19/06/2013 10:19, Siri Hansen a écrit :
> Hi Eric - I am looking at this patch, and I find the diff a bit strange.
> I see in the first commit that you updated the documentation (rb.xml)
> for e.g. rb:start:
> e.g.
> -        <v>FileName = string() | standard_io</v>
> +        <v>FileName = string() | atom() | pid()</v>
> but this is backed out again in your second commit, although is seems
> the code is still there (and, as far as I can understand, this
> functionality is also the main point of the patch). Could you please
> have a look at it? Did something go wrong in a merge or rebase?
> Regards

Hello Siri,
yes you are true.
I fixed this.
Fredik can refetch.

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