[erlang-patches] Allow rb to use any io_device/registered name instead of only filename path

Tue Jun 18 19:26:38 CEST 2013

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> Hello Eric,
> We just stumbled across in your patch that you have merged maint into
> your patch,
> which you not should do. Do a rebase upon the latest maint branch on our
> github instead and notify us when done.
> Thanks,
Hello Fredrik,

the first time you told me this, I though that I did a 'git merge', but
The merge is done by the 'git push' after my commit, without any warning.
By googling a bit, I found I need to add :
git config --global --bool pull.rebase true

or use
git rebase -i @{u}
before any push ...

sorry for this, I'm using git only for otp and not a specialist ...

I did a rebase, you can fetch now.
I hope it is ok for you now...


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