[erlang-patches] make edlin understand a few important control keys

Stefan Zegenhagen <>
Mon Jul 15 17:03:07 CEST 2013

Hi Fredrik,

> I've gotten some feedback from your review,
> You need to add documentation under Erts-> "User's Guide" -> "tty - A
> command line interface"
> You need to add testcase in interactive_shell_SUITE a simplified
> example of how this testcase could look like;
> ctrl_w_and_ctrl_u(_Conf) -> 
>     rtnode([{putline,""}, {putline, "2."}, {getline, "2"},
> {putline,"xxx yy"++[$\^w]++"."}, {getline,"xxx"}, {putline,"xxx
> yy"++[$\^u]++"z."}, {getline,"z"}],[]).

Please find an updated version of the patch attached to this e-mail. I
hope that you still accept it via e-mail because the former patch was
sent the same way ;-).

I have extended the documentation to list the new key combinations and
added tests to make sure they work.

Kind regards,

Dr. Stefan Zegenhagen

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