[erlang-patches] Allow rb to use any io_device/registered name instead of only filename path

Sun Jul 14 00:04:39 CEST 2013

Le 13/07/2013 21:54, PAILLEAU Eric a écrit :
> Le 09/07/2013 09:21, Siri Hansen a écrit :
>> Eric, I'm sorry for the delay! I've looked at your patch again, and I
>> think it looks good now. I would like you to amend your commits into one
>> single commit since keeping them separate does not add any value imo.
> Hello Siri,
> no problem for the delay, I was busy too.
> I squashed the last commits into the first.
> I will try to add tests in the rb_SUITE, and then come back to you.
> Regards

Hello Siri,
Adding tests in rb_SUITE was easier than I thought .
ct_run is ok and everything merged into a single commit.
Please refetch .
Best regards

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