[erlang-patches] Fix run_erl daemonizing on some platforms

Fredrik <>
Fri Jul 5 16:54:57 CEST 2013

On 07/05/2013 04:47 PM, Johannes Weißl wrote:
> Hello,
> On our embedded system "run_erl" does not work when used with the
> "-daemon" option (the logs show "Cannot dup"). I noticed that unlike
> erlexec and epmd, run_erl does not redirect the standard streams to
> /dev/null after closing them.
> This patch adds the redirection to /dev/null, which fixes the problem.
> git fetch git://github.com/weisslj/otp.git run-erl-redirect-dev-null
> https://github.com/weisslj/otp/compare/erlang:maint...run-erl-redirect-dev-null
> https://github.com/weisslj/otp/compare/erlang:maint...run-erl-redirect-dev-null.patch
> Greetings,
> Johannes Weißl
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Hello Johannes,
I've created a pull request on github and some initial tests will be 
done on the patch before the responsible team will look at it.


BR Fredrik Gustafsson
Erlang OTP Team

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