[erlang-patches] Implement ./otp_build configure --enable-silent-rules

Björn-Egil Dahlberg <>
Fri Jan 11 18:40:28 CET 2013

On 2013-01-11 18:12, Anthony Ramine wrote:
> I could do that, it would make things easier. The patch doesn't yet handle all the things but I
> submitted it anyway to have a feedback earlier and to know whether I should bother finishing it.
> I guess your answer is positive enough for me to finish it :) I'll do that this weekend.
> Regards,
I realized when hitting send that you still have change all the files by 
the move.

My first thought was actually changing the compiler or gen environment 
variables to include

i.e. instead of doing $(erlc_verbose)$(ERLC) and the like, doing for 
ERLC = $(erlc_verbose)erlc $(ERLC_WFLAGS) $(ERLC_FLAGS)

But since all (?) ERLC rules are covered in otp.mk.in, that particular 
example seems redundant. =)

sadly sed doesn't have and environment variables .. it would have 
simplified things greatly.

Caution - I'm positive to the change, but since it changes all the build 
things this close to r16 I will be more hesitant to include it. If it 
will be included I will include it in R16A (release candidate), and not 
between A and B (production). The fewer changed files the better.

If you decide to work on it more rebase it to current master. The 
following files needs special care:

#    both modified:      erts/emulator/Makefile.in
#    both modified:      lib/crypto/c_src/Makefile.in
#    both modified:      lib/diameter/doc/src/Makefile
#    both modified:      lib/eldap/src/Makefile
#    both modified:      lib/megaco/src/binary/depend.mk
#    both modified:      lib/public_key/asn1/Makefile

I will continue the review once I hear from you.

// Björn-Egil

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