[erlang-patches] odbcserver.c 64bit support

satoshi kinoshita <>
Thu Jan 10 08:54:15 CET 2013

At Mon, 3 Dec 2012 12:39:38 +0100,
Henrik Nord wrote:
> On 11/29/2012 08:22 AM, satoshi kinoshita wrote:
> > I found antoher 64bit related bug in odbcserver.c.
> > It affects only param_query for stored-procedure
> > with OUT parameter of SQL_C_SLONG type.
> Can you add a testcase for this problem?

The branch now includes both fix and some test cases.

- The original bug I found is for 64 bit gcc(used to compile odbcserver.c).
  Test cases should succeed with odbcserver compiled using 32 bit gcc
  even without the fix.

- oracle test case may need to set scrollable_cursors option to off
  depending on the driver(I tested with Oracle ODBC driver from
  following rpm package on
  centos6: oracle-instantclient11.2-odbc-,
  which seems like *not* supporting srollabel_cursors).

- postgresql test case is not actually checking the values of OUT params
  of the stored function.
  Though I'm still trying to write some more test cases to
  check actual out values,
  I think it's enough because it's checking
  the fix (I mean this test case succeeds with my fix
  and fails without it).

- I have no time to setup and test this fix with mysql:).
  It just skips the test cases when the RDBMS macro is defined as 'mysql'.

git fetch git://github.com/kinogmt/otp.git odbc64


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