[erlang-patches] Patch for ODBC module

Danil Onishchenko <>
Thu Jan 10 05:19:16 CET 2013

Hi, Fredrik.
When I was working on my patch I used the branch "maint" of OTP
repository as a base because in the guide for submitting patches it
was writed "Base your patch on maint if you are fixing a bug...". I
compared the source file odbcserver.c in the branches "maint" and
"master-pu" and found out that definitions of functions ‘get_diagnos’
and ‘encode_error_message’ in those branches are different.
In "maint" they are
static diagnos get_diagnos(SQLSMALLINT handleType, SQLHANDLE handle);
static db_result_msg encode_error_message(char *reason);

and in "master"
static diagnos get_diagnos(SQLSMALLINT handleType, SQLHANDLE handle,
Boolean extendedErrors);
static db_result_msg encode_error_message(char *reason, char *errCode,
SQLINTEGER nativeError);

So my patch is proper for the "maint" branch and it is not for
"master" branch. Is my choise of the branch wrong? Should I use
"master" as a base instead of "maint"?

Also I sent a patch "odbc:param_query/3 and odbc:param_query/4" which
I based on the branch "maint" too. Should I fix it for "master"?

2013/1/9 Fredrik <>:
> Hello again,
> This patch fails to build:
> "
> odbcserver.c: In function ‘db_connect’:
> odbcserver.c:538:2: error: too few arguments to function ‘get_diagnos’
> odbcserver.c:250:16: note: declared here
> odbcserver.c:541:2: error: too few arguments to function
> ‘encode_error_message’
> odbcserver.c:157:22: note: declared here
> "
> Please fix this and give notice when it is done.
> BR Fredrik Gustafsson
> Erlang OTP Team
> On 01/09/2013 09:53 AM, Kernel Panic wrote:
>> Hi, folks.
>> I created a patch for erlang odbc module which solves the problem with
>> setup autocommit mode for connections established by Oracle ODBC
>> driver in Linux.
>> The issue: Oracle ODBC driver for Linux ignores setup autocommit mode
>> during driver initialization before a connection to database has been
>> established (in odbc module autocommit is set this way). My patch
>> solves this problem by setting autocommit mode after a connection to
>> database has been established.
>> Actually it's an Oracle ODBC driver problem, but  it could be very
>> useful to add this fix to erlang odbc module, because this module
>> allow to set autocommit mode only at the moment of connection
>> creation.
>> I sent this patch earlier in October 2012 but I didn't receive any
>> feedback.
>> My updates:
>> git fetch :RubberCthulhu/otp.git odbc-oracle-autocommit-fix
>> https://github.com/RubberCthulhu/otp/compare/odbc-oracle-autocommit-fix
>> https://github.com/RubberCthulhu/otp/compare/odbc-oracle-autocommit-fix.patch
>> Danil Onishchenko, 
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