[erlang-patches] Fix disksup:get_disk_data on OS X

Sriram Melkote <>
Thu Feb 28 17:15:09 CET 2013


This patch fixes disksup:get_disk_data for SUSv3, specifically OS X
Mountain Lion.

On OS X Mountain Lion, the default output of df command includes iNode used
and iNodes free, which apparent what SUSv3 specifies. This breaks the
current parse logic and reports incorrect results. This patch adds support
for the new format and ensures older versions of OS X produce this format
by adding the -i switch (which is the default in latest version). Adding
support for this new format rather than changing df output to older one, as
we'll presumably see this on other platforms eventually.


git fetch git://github.com/melkote/otp.git fix-disksup-susv3

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