[erlang-patches] [erlang-bugs] syntax_tools anonymous function error

David Welton <>
Thu Dec 19 11:43:52 CET 2013


>> I don't know how those numbers are managed, but the vsn.mk file in
>> master still has SYNTAX_TOOLS_VSN = 1.6.12, which is the same as I get
>> from my Erlang shell in R16B03; presumably, since the code in master
>> has been patched, the version number should get bumped?
> Problem is that we usually bump the version only when we do a release,
> (includes major, minor and patch releases)

The functionality changed, in a way that's not backwards compatible,
so by my understanding of something like http://semver.org/ it'd be a
good idea to change the major number of the syntax_tools application.

David N. Welton



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