[erlang-patches] Fix DTrace build on Illumos

Ryan Zezeski <>
Sat Dec 7 22:00:21 CET 2013


This patch fixes the configure and Makefile scripts to work with newer
DTrace. This applies to all Illumos derivatives including OpenIndiana,
SmartOS and OmnioOS. I've copied the commit message here verbatim.

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    Fix DTrace build on Illumos

    DTrace was recently patched in Illumos to fail to create an object
    file if no probes are found.

    * https://www.illumos.org/issues/4248

    This patch fixes two issues:

    * Modify the configure script to pass an object file to `dtrace -G`
      that actually invokes a probe.

    * Remove creation of `dtrace_user.o` from the dyntrace Makefile. In a
      previous commit [1] Scott Fritchie relocated all the user probes
      into the VM proper due to difficulties with DTrace probes in shared
      libraries. The `dtrace_user.d` file is now empty and generates a
      header file with nothing in it. There is no longer any reason to
      generate `dtrace_user.o` because all the probes are in the VM. Thus
      all the steps for building `dtrace_user.o` have been removed.


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