[erlang-patches] xmerl_ug one word documentation fix

David Welton <>
Tue Aug 6 15:48:33 CEST 2013


I don't think cloning all of OTP for a few bytes worth of simple
changes in documentation makes much sense.

I mean, this is such a small change that it's easy to describe in English:

1. Open lib/xmerl/doc/src/xmerl_ug.xmlsrc with your favorite editor.
2. Replace all instances of "wright" with "write".

This could be done in less time than it takes to reply to this email.

I understand that actually code changes of any significance would be
better off going through version control in order to better track
them, and will be sure to do so should I ever have occasion to submit
other patches.

Thank you,
David N. Welton


3. For bonus points, you could search for 'wright' in other bits of
OTP.  It does exist in English, but it's a word that's not likely to
be found in OTP.

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