[erlang-patches] add sys:get_state/1,2 and sys:replace_state/2,3

Steve Vinoski <>
Wed Apr 3 02:20:42 CEST 2013

At Erlang Factory 2013 there was discussion during one of the talks about
the sys:get_status functions and how useful they were for debugging. Geoff
Cant mentioned it would be very useful if the sys module also provided
functions to use while debugging to get just the state of a process and
also to be able to replace the state of a process, and many others in the
audience appeared to agree.

This patch adds the sys:get_state/1,2 and sys:replace_state/2,3 function to
do what Geoff suggested. See the commit message for more details:


Patrik Nyblom was kind enough to already review the branch for me -- thanks

Note that there are two commits on this branch; the second one is described
above. The first commit on the branch updates the documentation for
sys:get_status/2,3 to note that it also works with gen_event.

git fetch git://github.com/vinoski/otp.git sv-sys-get-state


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