[erlang-patches] TLS: add PSK and SRP cipher suites

Andreas Schultz <>
Wed Sep 26 19:19:50 CEST 2012


I have implemented the more interesting parts of RFC 4279, RFC 5487
and RFC 5054 (aka TLS PSK and SRP ciphers). The use and usefulness
of those ciphers is rather limited, the one notable exception being
the eID server protocol for German national identity cards (nPA).

The test suite can only verify some PSK suites against openssl as
currently no openssl version supports them all. There is patch
that add some to openssl, but it has not been  incorporated into
upstream. GNU-TLS implements some more (but not all) PSK suites
and I have manually tested interoperability.

Patch info:

git fetch git://github.com/RoadRunnr/otp.git tls-psk-srp-suites


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