[erlang-patches] Bugfix to snmpTargetAddrExtTable

Henrik Nord <>
Fri Sep 7 10:49:15 CEST 2012

I have added your patch to 'pu'
Thank you for your contribution!

On 09/03/2012 04:26 PM, Stefan Zegenhagen wrote:
> Dear all,
> snmpTargetAddrExtTable instrumentation in snmp_community_mib.erl can
> pass error return values with invalid column numbers to the SNMP engine
> in response to set requests. The problem arises as follows:
>        * snmpTargetAddrExtTable columns are stored in the appropriate row
>          of snmpTargetAddrTable starting at column 11
>        * snmpTargetAddrExtTable instrumentation does some basic checks of
>          the column data in set requests, adds 10 to each column number
>          (maps to the corresponding columns in snmpTargetAddrTable
>          storage) and passes the data to the generic SNMP table handler,
>          changing the table name to snmpTargetAddrTable
>        * errors from the generic SNMP table handler are returned as-is,
>          including column numbers+10
>        * the SNMP engine detects invalid column numbers returned from
>          snmpTargetAddrExtTable instrumentation and emits a genErr error
>          report
> The resulting genErr obscures the real problem behind the set-request.
> The patch attached to this e-mail solves the problem by inspecting the
> result from the generic SNMP table handler and by converting the column
> numbers back to the allowed range in case of error responses.
> Kind regards,
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