[erlang-patches] Patch for ODBC module

Kernel Panic <>
Tue Oct 30 05:11:52 CET 2012

Hi, folks.
Sorry if it is a repetition, but I put a wrong patch URL in my previous message.

I created a patch for erlang odbc module which solves the problem with
setup autocommit mode for connections established by Oracle ODBC
driver in Linux. The issue - Oracle ODBC driver for Linux ignores
setup autocommit mode during driver initialization before a connection
to database has been established (in odbc module autocommit is set
this way). My patch solves this problem by setting autocommit mode
after a connection to database has been established. Actually it's
an Oracle ODBC driver problem, but  it could be very useful to add
this fix to erlang odbc module, because this module allow to set
autocommit mode only at the moment of connection creation.

Patch info:
Patch for R14B04, R15B, R15B01:
Patch for R15B02:

Danil Onishchenko. 

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