[erlang-patches] Bug fixes for cover

José Valim <>
Wed Nov 28 14:11:21 CET 2012


I am sending a couple bug fixes for cover.

I have broken those fixes into three granular commits.
The commit messages contains the rationale behind them.

One of the commits changes cover to get the source from
"Module:module_info(compile)" if the current heuristic that
traverses directories fails. In my opinion, we could rely
solely on the source information and remove the heuristic
completely but I have kept the current heuristic as the first
mechanism in order to minimize the impact of the changes.

As such, I would appreciate if those changes could be merged
into maint. :)

git fetch git://github.com/josevalim/otp.git cover-patches


Thank you,

*José Valim*
Skype: jv.ptec
Founder and Lead Developer
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