[erlang-patches] ODBC extended error information

Henrik Nord <>
Mon Nov 26 10:50:29 CET 2012

Thank you!

I will run this and see.

On 11/26/2012 03:40 AM, Bernie Duggan wrote:
> Hi Henrik,
> My colleague Franko has done the hard work of getting the test cases up and running, and writing up a test for this. You can re-fetch it from my repo:
> git fetch git://github.com/bernardd/otp.git odbc_extended_errors
> Please let us know if that's sufficient or whether there's more specific cases you'd like to see tested.
> Cheers,
> Bernard
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> Subject: Re: [erlang-patches] ODBC extended error information
> Hi!
> We would like some tests for this.
> Maby a test to check the extended error handling some operation with a
> expected error and some without, and then check for the correct type of
> return value, instead of a hard match for the returned value
> Below follows instructions as how to get the odbc SUIT up and running.
> Thank you for your contribution!
> On 07/25/2012 09:44 AM, Bernie Duggan wrote:
>> I did my best to figure out how to add some tests for this change, but
>> from talking to a couple of other people I'm not alone in having
>> difficulty even getting the ODBC suite running:)  Following the
>> instructions on the github wiki page just gives me a
>> port_program_executable_not_found error. I'm happy to try harder to
>> add some tests if someone can give me a hand with this.
> The odbc test suite is not as straight forward as other test suits to
> run as it depends
> on so many third part products. In odbc_test.hrl  there is a macro
> defined that
> will determine which backed database should be used (you may need to
> change it to suite your circumstances).
> Also you need to set up an SQL-data base and an .odbc-ini file for the user
> running the test suit. Ex:
> -------------------
> [Postgres]
> Driver=/usr/lib/psqlodbc.so
> Description=Postgres driver
> ServerName=server1
> Database=odbctest
> Port=5432
> LogonID=odbctest
> Password=gurka
> [MySQL]
> Driver = /opt/local/lib/libmyodbc5.so   Description=MYSQL driver
> Server= server2
> Database=odbctest
> Port=3306
> -----------------------
> And in the callback-file sqlserver.erl/postgres.erl/mysql.erl/oracle.erl
> you may have to alter the connection-string returned by the funtion
> connection_string/0.
> If you want some other backed  you will have to make  your own
> callback-module.
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