[erlang-patches] inet_tcp_dist fix

Yurii Rashkovskii <>
Tue Mar 20 04:25:42 CET 2012


I am considering extracting a fix I made to inet_tcp_dist recently.
The nature of the fix is as follows:

Currently, while doing connection setup, inet_tcp_dist will only try
resolving host name to one IP address. That means that if your
hostname either has multiple A records or multiple records in the
hosts file, it will always try one and only one IP.

In certain cases, when some IPs are either out of reach, or those host
are just being down, that means that the connection will never be

The patch that I have retrieves all the IP addresses and tries them
one by one until the connection is established (or not).

Please let me know if the OTP team will consider such a change, and if
yes, I will happily extract this patch and submit it to this list.


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