[erlang-patches] delayed child restart with incremental back-off

Siri Hansen <>
Thu Mar 15 15:01:57 CET 2012

Hi Richard!

Once again sorry for the long silence. We have now decided to allow this
feature with the following adjustments:

* the default behavior must be as it is today - i.e. the feature has to be
explicitly activated per supervisor
* parameters that don't have an obvious default value shall not have a
default value

I think this should be possible with your proplist-child-spec feature :)

Also we do of course need tests and documentation.


Den 10:24 12. januar 2012 skrev Siri Hansen <> følgende:

> Hi Richard!
> Sorry for the long silence! We will discuss this on our next technical
> board meeting and get back to you with our decision as soon as possible.
> Regards
> /siri
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