[erlang-patches] Documentation patch for ct_hooks

Henrik Nord <>
Tue Jun 12 14:32:12 CEST 2012

On 06/12/2012 02:00 PM, Jesper Louis Andersen wrote:
> On Tue Jun 12 11:09:21 2012, Henrik Nord wrote:
>> If there are more people interested in correcting the documentation,
>> maybe we can include a branch they all can commit to, set up a branch
>> on github, and use the online editor to create pull requests to it,
>> and then submit it for review as the code stop draws near?
> See, my goal is to make it easy for you (The OTP team) to get patches 
> in. I have a hunch that if I commit 100 small documentation patches 
> all the time, then we end up in a situation where it will overflow 
> your patch queue.

As long as the changes are limited to correcting errors, not rewriting 
the documentation, the review process is REALLY short (I approve). If 
there are larger changes, rewrites and such there has to be a review 
from someone else in the OTP team, and that can take a wee bit more 
time. But it should be done before the next release in either case.

> I like the idea to have a lieutenant who is responsible for a 
> documentation branch in which we could collect all these smaller fixes 
> over time. But it really does depend on the amount of documentation 
> patches you get as curating such a branch is also work.

Sofar there is not even 1 every week.

> My own patch rate is sporadic. I have committed myself to fix errors 
> when I see them now. So I will continue to do so. How to push them 
> into Erlang/OTP is not really my concern - I just provide patches for 
> them. The only thing I am interested in is eventual consistency - that 
> they will eventually get in.

That they will.

>> We consider the documentation in much the same way as source code, and
>> the documentation is shipped alongside with the application in
>> question and is bound by the same version as the applications
>> themselves. This makes a more "open" wiki style documentation edit
>> approach incompatible as the changes to the documentation also impacts
>> the version of the applications.
> I see and understand your point.
> -- 
> Jesper Louis Andersen
>  Erlang Solutions Ltd., Copenhagen, DK

/Henrik Nord Erlang/OTP

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