[erlang-patches] Problems with erlang SSH server

Henrik Nord <>
Fri Jul 20 14:34:22 CEST 2012

On 07/20/2012 02:28 PM, Stefan Zegenhagen wrote:
> Dear Henrik,
>> I can not get your mailpatches to apply using git -am.
>> Could you resend them as git fetch links instead?
> Unfortunately, I'm not registered on github.
> The patch submission guidelines say that patches can be sent inline in
> mails to erlang-patches and I would like to stick to that possibility.
> Maybe I just mis-interpreted that statement. Would it help to send the
> patches
>   - as attachments, or
>   - posted directly using git-send-email
> instead?
Well if you really dont want to register at github I cant force you.
But please make sure that you can apply the patches.

you can try it by saving your email and

$ cat ~/ldisk/mail-patches/\[erlang-patches\]\ SSH\:\ allow\ specifying\ 
\'auth_methods\'\ in\ server\ opts.eml |git am

There might be some help in here regarding git format-patch

> Kind regards,

/Henrik Nord Erlang/OTP

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