[erlang-patches] Float endianness in 15B

Michael Sperber <>
Fri Jul 20 11:30:51 CEST 2012

Lukas Larsson <> writes:

> The patch just ran through our nightly build and a couple of issues
> popped up.
> It seems that the ac script does not correct detect double endianess
> on big endian platforms. The configure on all of our sparc and ppc
> machines detected double word ordering as middle-endian.
> Also don't think an error should be thrown in configure if we cannot
> detect the double endianess. Instead a warning should be issued and
> configure should continue with the assumption that the doubles are not
> middle-endian. There are a number of options that already do this and
> I think it makes sense here as we can never detect it in a cross
> environment.

Thanks for the feedback, and sorry for the hassle.  I re-wrote the test
and found a Solaris SPARC to test on - it should work better.  I also
turned the error message into a warning.  The result is here:



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