[erlang-patches] Extend erlang:port_info/1, 2 to show the OS pid of a spawned process

Henrik Nord <>
Mon Jan 16 16:52:49 CET 2012

Yes as you might have noticed already, I did include this patch in 

Thank you for the contribution!

On 01/09/2012 03:21 PM, Paul Guyot wrote:
> Le 9 janv. 2012 à 14:40, Henrik Nord a écrit :
>> erts/emulator/test/port_bif_SUITE.erl
>> There is tests for port_info in here.
> Thank you.
> You will find a test for this feature here:
> git fetch git://github.com/pguyot/otp.git add-os-pid-to-port-info
> https://github.com/pguyot/otp/commit/336d1d1d65fa7d75ebe6341a9aa2b7966a8e8052
> As I simply amended the commit, the patch is still limited to a single commit.
> Please let me know if you need anything else to consider this patch for inclusion.
> Paul

/Henrik Nord Erlang/OTP

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