[erlang-patches] otp_build make call fix

Frank Hunleth <>
Sun Jan 15 02:13:04 CET 2012

I was having some trouble with otp_build due to some of its calls to
make. The calls in question captured the stdout from make. If
otp_build was invoked from another Makefile, the calls to make in
otp_build would send "Entering directory..." messages to stdout which
would then be captured and saved to a variable in otp_build. This
would break otp_build. My fix was simply to turn off this output from
make. Hopefully the patch makes this obvious:

git fetch git://github.com/fhunleth/otp.git otp_build_make_fix

This patch works for me with GNU make. If otp_build is supposed to run
under non-GNU makes, then I'm not sure if this patch is sufficient.


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