[erlang-patches] disk_log_h module

Richard Carlsson <>
Thu Jan 5 15:23:37 CET 2012

A handler module called disk_log_h, written by Martin Björklund and 
Magnus Fröberg, was submitted to OTP a long (long) time ago along with a 
patch to the main disk_log module that added a bunch of callback 
functions needed by disk_log_h. But for some reason, only the patch was 
included in OTP, and not the module (perhaps someone just forgot to add 
it to the repository). In any case, we at Klarna (and Bluetail/Tail-F) 
have been using this module for years, and it would be good if it could 
be distributed with OTP as intended.

Quoting from the comment in the module header:

"gen_event handler for disk_log.  The process which owns the log is the 
gen_event process, thus no extra process communcation overhead is 
involved. The alternative is to let the gen_event process send the 
message to a disk_log process, which then sends it to disk.  In this 
case, the disk_log process is avoided. This module is intended to 
replace log_mf_h.erl."

   git fetch git://github.com/richcarl/otp.git disk_log_h


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