[erlang-patches] The 'start_phases' entry in .app files is incorrectly set to 'undefined' when generating a release

Henrik Nord <>
Tue Jan 3 12:15:02 CET 2012

Thank you, I have included this in 'pu'

On 01/03/2012 05:21 AM, Juan Jose Comellas wrote:
> The default value for 'start_phases' in .app files should be [], but
> it is incorrectly set to 'undefined' when generating a release. This
> happens when the original .app file does not set a value for
> 'start_phases' explicitly.
> The reltool application defines its own copy of a record to handle
> .app files (#app_info{}, defined in lib/reltool/src/reltool.hrl) that
> has different default values than the one used by systools
> (#application{}, defined in lib/sasl/src/systools.hrl). In particular,
> the 'start_phases' entry is assumed by all of OTP to be [] when it is
> not explicitly set but reltool sets it to 'undefined' by default. This
> causes badmatch errors when trying to generate release upgrades.
> Without this patch, all of the rebar examples that generate release
> upgrades that I've found on the web will fail. The bug was introduced
> in R14A.
> git fetch git://github.com/jcomellas/otp.git jc-fix-default-start-phases
> Juanjo
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