[erlang-patches] Information in the wiki page about Running Tests probably out of date?

José Valim <>
Mon Feb 20 17:08:18 CET 2012

Hello everyone,

In order to contribute to Erlang, I was trying to run tests.
The first issue I found was that the wiki page about Running tests was out
of date:


With the help of #erlounge folks, I was able to update the command to use
the new ./otp_build:

ERL_LIBS=`pwd`/lib; ERL_TOP=`pwd`; ./otp_build all -a && ./otp_build tests

I've updated the wiki page to use this new command. Could you please
validate the command above is the correct one?

In any case, after running the command above, I moved further to run tests

cd release/tests/test_server
$ERL_TOP/bin/ct_run -suite ../compiler_test/andor_SUITE -case t_orelse

But then I got the following failure:


I was ultimately able to run tests related to my patch, but it would be
nice if we could make the instructions in the wiki page work out of the box
for other developers. I am running on Mac OS X, Snow Leopard.

José Valim
Founder and Lead Developer
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