[erlang-patches] Fix typo in `compile' doc: unmatched parenthesis

Ricardo Catalinas Jiménez <>
Sat Feb 4 17:03:45 CET 2012

Please fetch:
git fetch git://github.com/jimenezrick/otp.git fix-compile-doc-typo

Review here:

By the way, could be also possible to add this another patch that I
already sent to erlang-patches?

Set `font-family: Courier, monospace' in OTP doc CSS

This should be much better for everybody, I left Courier as the primary
original font and also added monospace as secondary for people like me
which in Linux haven't it installed.

It should be more pleasant to read typespecs and code examples. Also
adds minor cosmetic changes to the CSS.

Please fetch:
git fetch git://github.com/jimenezrick/otp.git doc-monospace-css

Review here:

Ricardo (http://r.untroubled.be/)

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