[erlang-patches] [PATCH] Fix SCTP multihoming for IPv6

Tomas Abrahamsson <>
Mon Aug 20 18:34:58 CEST 2012

On Sun, May 13, 2012 at 11:52 PM, Tomas Abrahamsson
<> wrote:
> regarding the SCTP multihoming, here are three commits on a branch,
> I think I've addressed all issues I know of, and hope I haven't introduced
> any new issues :)
>   https://github.com/tomas-abrahamsson/otp/compare/sctp-multihoming
>   https://github.com/tomas-abrahamsson/otp/compare/sctp-multihoming.patch

Hi,  please refetch!

I have changed the second commit to also work on sles 10(.4)
(I was notified off-list that there was a failure in one of the
tests in gen_sctp_SUITE.erl, on SLES or SLED 10, and I believe
that this change fixes it. I have tried SLES 10.4 and could
reproduce the failing test.)

> The second commit changes the way the inet_drv.c binds:
> the first address is bound using bind, the subsequent addresses
> are added one at a time using sctp_bindx.

I have applied the change below: on SLES 10(.4), calling
sctp_bindx with port 0 resulted in einval being returned from the os.
Now, when opening an sctp socket on port 0, the code now uses
the resulting port number from bind any the subsequent call to sctp_bindx.

in inet.erl, the following change was made:

@@ -1046,6 +1046,11 @@ bindx(S, [Addr], Port0) ->
 bindx(S, Addrs, Port0) ->
     [{IP, Port} | Rest] = [set_bindx_port(Addr, Port0) || Addr <- Addrs],
     case prim_inet:bind(S, IP, Port) of
+       {ok, AssignedPort} when Port =:= 0 ->
+           %% On newer Linux kernels, Solaris and FreeBSD, calling
+           %% bindx with port 0 is ok, but on SuSE 10, it results in einval
+           Rest2 = [change_bindx_0_port(Addr, AssignedPort) || Addr <- Rest],
+           prim_inet:bind(S, add, Rest2);
        {ok, _} ->
            prim_inet:bind(S, add, Rest);
        Error ->
@@ -1057,6 +1062,11 @@ set_bindx_port({_IP, _Port}=Addr, _OtherPort) ->
 set_bindx_port(IP, Port) ->
     {IP, Port}.

+change_bindx_0_port({IP, 0}, AssignedPort) ->
+    {IP, AssignedPort};
+change_bindx_0_port({_IP, _Port}=Addr, _AssignedPort) ->
+    Addr.


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